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Demolition Contractors in Bendigo - Bendigo Demolition

Demolition Contractors in Bendigo - Bendigo Demolition

Demolition Contractors in Bendigo - Bendigo Demolition

  • by Admin
  • 1 Sep 2022

At Nine Mile Demolition we aim to provide all of our clients with a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish. Gaining the right approvals from either private certifiers or local councils we make sure we are ready to complete Bendigo demolition works without any kind of delay. Nine Mile Demolition provide the appropriate supervision, labour, plant and equipment and all public protection. We work in unison with customers, neighbours, council and workcover to resolve any traffic management issues to achieve successful solutions to minimise disruption to road and foot traffic. Our Bendigo demolition services cover all aspects of these different types of demolitions.

At Nine Mile Demolition, we pride ourselves with our recycling habbits to help the environment in the form of minimising unwanted landfill, resulting in the recycling of 97% of the demolished materials. Every client we meet is different, so we tailor our plans to find your solutions. And even though we are a professional demolition company in Bendigo we are not just limited to demolition services, as we offer a host of other services, including tree removal, asbestos removal, land clearing and excavation services. Our services are fully scalable and technically advanced. No project is too difficult for us. We regularly work with developers, builders, engineers and architectural experts in complex building environments.

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