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Introducing General Demolition

Introducing General Demolition

Introducing General Demolition

  • by Admin
  • 7 Sep 2022

We’ve updated our branding to reflect how our business has grown and evolved. Welcome to Nine Mile Demolition. We have updated our branding and our website to reflect an exciting new chapter in our journey. Nine Mile Demolition has been a well-established brand for over forty years, and our signature Nine mile demolition stamp has identified us as leaders of industry, with its sharp red icon recognisable across Shepparton as we work on developments throughout the city. However, we recognised that it was time to update and modernise our digital presence. Going forward, you will notice our enhanced signature logo and new, modern typography. Our new website has been designed with our customers in mind – it is now easier to navigate, is more informative, and more reflective of where we stand as a business.

Throughout the branding process it was important to stay true to the values that have carried us through more than forty years as a thriving business, and so we have, for the first time, dissected and shared exactly what they are. To keep up to date with the latest news from Nine Mile Demolition, make sure you are following us on our company Facebook page, and keep checking the Nine Mile Demolition blog for company updates and industry insights.

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