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What does a commercial site demolition project involve?

Commercial site demolition is the complete or part removal process of unwanted structures such as hotels, shopping centres, office buildings and other commercial properties. While demolition might sound as easy as just knocking buildings down, it does involve a lot of consideration and detail. Safety is paramount to the execution of a site demolition; especially as asbestos removal may be involved.

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Commercial site demolition differs from residential demolition due to the fact that it’s on a larger scale, require bigger machinery and potentially even explosives.

Before you start a commercial site demolition

The commercial structure that will be demolished should be maintained in a safe and stable condition to prevent the unexpected collapse of part or all of the structure.

Consideration should be made as to:

  • The stability of the structure
  • The position, depth and type of basements, wells and underground storage that may be involved
  • Public access
  • Boundary walls
  • Adjoining properties and structures

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Why is safe asbestos removal important?

Asbestos fibres are extremely dangerous when they have been disturbed (such as during a renovation or demolition) and breathing in these fibres can have significant and deadly health consequences. Safe Work Australia have regulations in place in their Demolition Work Code of Practice that require the person conducting demolition work to ensure that there is an asbestos register for the structure, and if not, to ensure that a full asbestos inspection is carried out before any work is started.

Asbestos should only be removed with proper equipment by professionals and the safe removal of asbestos is a large part of the preparation of commercial site demolition. Also keep in mind that removing asbestos does take time and the process can take a week or more depending on the size and complexity of the commercial demolition.

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How long will it take to complete a commercial demolition?

Once you have the essential demolition permissions and have prepared the site, it should approximately take 3-7 days to complete your site demolition, however this does depend on the site and structure size – it can take weeks for larger buildings in the heart of the city for example.

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As Rushworth demolition professionals, Ninemile Demolition specialise in the thorough assessment, preparation, planning and execution of commercial demolitions for sites of all scales across Rushworth.

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