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Removing the mistake that was asbestos

Asbestos is a bad product, however 50 years ago, Asbestos was regarded as one of the most useful minerals due to its versatility, strength, flexibility and affordability. For this reason, a plethora of companies applied it to their industries worldwide and it was extremely popular within Australia. Due to the catastrophic health risks associated with the mineral, its application to the home was discontinued in the 1980’s, before finally becoming legally banned in 2003. In this new blog by Ninemile Demolition Rushworth, the health risks of asbestos are discussed, as well as the reasons why asbestos removal Rushworth is so important.

Why is asbestos a problem for Rushworth homes?

Due to the perceived benefits of asbestos in the construction industry, it is highly likely any Rushworth home built before the mid-1980’s contains traces of asbestos. It can be within the exterior and internal walls, the fence, roof, tiles, pipes or a number of other parts of the home.

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Asbestos is a danger to your home because of the amount of health risks associated with it. It was used by a rapidly decreasing amount of companies when a number of court cases began to arise in the 1980’s, before catastrophic links were found and it was eventually banned in 2003.

Since then, professionals have been removing asbestos from homes and other buildings for the safety of those within it. It is now illegal to import, sell, install or supply asbestos in Australia.

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