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What is involved in an asbestos re-roof?

It’s important that your asbestos re-roof is completed quickly and a new roof is installed straight away to prevent any damage to the building from unfavourable weather conditions or environmental debris.

Why Do So Many Old Houses Contain Asbestos?

Asbestos became highly popular in the early 1900’s as fire-proof insulation. It was flexible, strong and affordable, and people were unaware of the risks. The only (and the safest) way to know whether your roof contains asbestos fibres is to get it seen by a professional.

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Why Is Asbestos So Dangerous?

When asbestos sheets are disturbed (such as in construction, demolition or any structural upset) they trigger the release of harmful asbestos fibres. Even the slightest touch can release these fibres. Breathing in these fibres attacks your lungs and causes asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

It’s estimated that since the 1980’s over 10,000 Australians have died as a direct result of breathing in these fibres. It causes a disease that has long-term serious health effects, which means this figure will only get higher.

The Australian Government introduced a total ban on the manufacture, use, reuse, import, transport, storage or sale of asbestos at the end of the 2003. However, many house and buildings constructed before 1990 still contain asbestos materials, and they were especially used on roofs. It’s important that if asbestos is suspected on your roof, that only a professional asbestos removal company is employed to complete a thorough and safe asbestos re-roof.

Professional Asbestos Re-Roof Rushworth

Focus Demolition have a dedicated and fully licensed asbestos removal team. These experts in asbestos re-roofing know how to remove and replace roofs safely and efficiently. Following Australian protocols and using specialised technology and equipment, your asbestos re roof will be conducted to ensure the site has no contamination or exposure risk.

Legally, placement of asbestos in your household garbage bin, out for council verge collection or in a public place is an offence. Keep yourself, your neighbourhood and others safe by engaging with a professional asbestos removal company for your asbestos reroof.

If you believe you might have an asbestos problem and need an asbestos re roof in Rushworth or throughout Western Australia, contact our team today.

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We love our customers, so feel free to contact during normal business hours to organise a time to look at the job and meet in person. We have a 16 tonne Excavator with 5 attachments and access to a wide rage of machinery to tackle any project comes our way. Licensed and Insured to remove any amount of Non - Friable ( Class B) asbestos. With EPA approved trucks. Fully Insured and licensed to demolish Low Rise Structures (buildings up to 2 story).
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