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What to consider before a demolition

Are you planning a commercial or industrial Rushworth demolition? Before you begin, several precautions must be taken to ensure a safe process for all involved. At Ninemile Demolition, we’ve successfully completed countless demolitions and know the process inside out.

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Here are our top 10 tips to keep in mind before demolition work begins.

Ten Tips for Demolitions

  1. Don’t DIY : As tempting as it can be to do it yourself, the risks aren’t worth it. It’s always safer, and often more cost effective, to work with a reputable and experienced Rushworth demolition team who know what they’re doing.

  2. Sort out your permits : Ensuring all of your permits are organised before demolition starts allows you to avoid hiccups and delays from neighbours and councils.

  3. Let your neighbours know : For the sake of safety and your relationship, letting your neighbours know when and how long demolition works will take is both an act of good faith and often appreciated. When it comes to your neighbours’ works, they’ll be more likely to return the courtesy.

  4. Take precautions against asbestos : Asbestos exposure can have serious effects on the health of your entire team, so ensuring asbestos is identified and planned for will help your demolition run smoothly. Chat with an experienced asbestos professional for expert advice on your demolition.

  5. Don’t use the building once procedures begin : For safety reasons, we recommend against using your building during demolitions. Dust and dirt will be also rampant during demolitions, so it’s common sense to avoid using your building.

  6. Strip all walls and leave the property bare : Stripping walls down to the studs allows you to remove any extra materials or installations that aren’t required anymore. You’re also able to start from scratch and ensure a high quality rebuild or renovation.

  7. Limit exposure to dangerous chemicals and materials : Exposure to synthetic mineral fibres, formaldehydes and lead paint isn’t as noxious as asbestos but still can cause irritation. We recommend equipping workers with respirators and protective clothing if SMF, lead paint and formaldehyde contact is possible.

  8. Save room in your budget for surprises : If you’ve ever completed any type of construction or demolition work, you’ll know that unprecedented costs can pop up. Leave some room in your budget for surprises to ensure you’re not caught out during the demolition process.

  9. Recycle what you can : A range of materials can be recycled, saving you money and helping the planet. Keep a hold of your concrete, steel, interior doors and beams, sinks and toilets and any fixtures and fittings that could be reused.

  10. Choose industry professionals : Getting the help of an industry professional will ensure that your demolition runs smoothly. While you may have experience, a demolition expert will know the ins and outs to protect you and your business from mistakes and oversights.

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